Insurance Law

Insurance Coverage

CD&S’s lawyers have substantial experience providing insurance coverage advice and representation to insurers, risk pools, self-insureds and policyholders.  Our recent work has included such diverse matters as drafting and revising commercial insurance policies, overseeing large books of construction defect claims and representing insurers in personal lines, commercial, municipal and OCIP coverage litigation.

Our clients range from large, multi-national insurance groups to small commercial insurers to third party administrators and policyholder entities seeking coverage guidance.

CD&S offers insurers a full complement of insurance coverage services.  We are routinely retained to provide detailed opinions on cutting-edge legal issues.  In advising insurers regarding coverage, our lawyers believe in the importance of understanding not only the policy and the law, but also the facts.  We make a point of putting forth the effort needed to know all of the relevant facts at the earliest possible time, to avoid the unexpected pitfalls that can otherwise occur.

CD&S believes in thinking outside the box to assist insurers in obtaining an efficient resolution of any dispute.  But when litigation in necessary, CD&S has the skills necessary to litigate complex coverage issues in state and federal courts in Arizona and Nevada.  Our track record in obtaining summary judgment for insurers in complex coverage disputes is second to none, and we have the experience and skills necessary to sustain those victories before courts of appeal.

Insurance Bad Faith

When the integrity of an insurer’s business or claim practices is on the line, there is no substitute for decisive, experienced representation. Over the last 30 years case law, statutes and regulations have created a complex set of rules for insurers. We regularly work with our clients to establish good faith claim practices that help them provide their policyholders and claimants with prompt, fair, professional claim service.

The best way to avoid the expense and uncertainty of bad faith lawsuits is to know the lay of the land. What is the current status of bad faith law in Arizona or Nevada? Are there any trends in the law that might influence claim practices? Good faith claim practices avoid bad faith lawsuits.

Sometimes even an insurer’s best intentions can’t avoid a bad faith lawsuit. We take the responsibility of defending bad faith lawsuits very seriously because we know our clients take it seriously. Our senior insurance partner, Doug Christian has been representing insurers, self-insureds and agents in extra-contractual litigation since its inception in Arizona in the early 1980’s. High-stakes, multi-million dollar, punitive damages cases need experienced insurance and trial lawyers, and CD&S has the right team in place to defend both against first- and third-party claims.